How to Shake Off Anxiety When Nothing Works

How to Shake Off Anxiety When Nothing Works

Internet comes with a ‘massive’ body of information when it comes to anxiety, but all of it deals with temporary solutions. Is it possible to get rid of it forever and ever? Will it disappear completely one day? This would be great. But hang on. There’s more.

The dictionary defines it as “worry”, “concern”, “impatience”, but those who encountered the “demon” on a daily basis know it is blacker. However, some people conquered their triggers, while most of us still struggle to drop off the intensity or minimise the occurrence of the episodes. 

No Panic

It might feel like a continuous battle, a recalling of unpleasant things, a pessimistic premonition. The truth is that for all of us the experience is as subjective as a fingerprint. A mistake here is thinking that one can cut it at the roots by avoiding certain situations or places. For example, if you suffer of social anxiety you may choose to spend a significant time indoors keeping distance from the ‘triggers’.

The long term solution is, in my opinion, searching in the core of the problem, trying to manage and learn to live with whatever puts us in the ‘fight or flight’ state. Fight anxiety with the help of therapy from BetterHelp.

Expert Advice: How to Deal With Anxiety 

Tasnima Kemali, a counsellor with a vast experience in anxiety disorders, outlines that it is a natural and appropriate response to what happens around us. It keeps us vigilent and ready to take action when our brain detects a possible threat. Anyway, it becomes an issue when it is no longer a survival tool, rather a daily burden. Tasima explains:

An avoidance of situations isn’t sustainable or ideal for those of us who want to experience and enjoy life and not be crippled by the depths of anxiety.

She advises anyone to take time to reflect on the hidden aspects of our triggers. They might tell something about ourselves, as they ‘scare’ our brain for a reason. Nothing is random. Also, seeking professional help is a good idea to unlock some answers faster. 

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