Coronavirus Victory: Vaccine Generates Immune Responses

Coronavirus Victory: Vaccine Generates Immune Responses

The whole world is working together these days towards the development of a vaccine that could protect mankind from the horrifying coronavirus that managed to ruin our 2020 and who knows how much more time. 

The truth is that a lot of time has been stolen from us this year, during the pandemic when we had to stay in lockdown. The economies all over the world have been pretty badly hit and, healthcare systems in more countries suffered a lot. 

But, apart from potential treatments that are still in the works, it seems that there’s a specific vaccine that is already showing great results.

It’s been revealed that Sinovac Biotech just announced preliminary study results the other day. These are showing that the experimental Covid-19 vaccine managed to generate immune responses in patients and was also safe.

The vaccine could be successful 

Early data is suggesting that this vaccine might be able to protect people against the infections with the novel coronavirus.

“The Beijing-based drug maker’s vaccine, called CoronaVac, induced neutralizing antibodies in “above 90%” of people who were tested 14 days after receiving two injections, two weeks apart. There were no severe side effects reported, the company said in a statement,” according to the latest reports coming from Stat News. 

The online publication continued and wrote that “The preliminary results were from a 600-patient, placebo-controlled Phase 2 study. Sinovac is also conducting a 143-patient, placebo-controlled Phase 1 study.”

Sinovac also revealed a collaboration with a Brazilian drug maker to start a Phase 3 clinical study there.

“Our phase 1/2 study shows CoronaVac is safe and can induce immune response,” according to Sinovac CEO Weidong Yin.

Sinovac is building a manufacturing facility intended to “maximize the number of doses available to protect people from COVID-19,” he continued and explained. We recommend that you check out the complete original article to learn more details. 

The vaccine mentioned above is definitely a small victory against the novel coronavirus, and experts are keeping their fingers crossed. 

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