Study Addresses Genetic Factors Behind Severe Covid Symptoms

Study Addresses Genetic Factors Behind Severe Covid Symptoms

Experts are working hard these days to spot the genetic factors behind severe covid symptoms. Financial Times notes that British scientists have identified some of the genetic factors that make certain people more likely to suffer severe Covid-19 symptoms than others.

These important discoveries are revealed as part of a major study that could aid the development of new treatments for the disease.

According to the article posted by Financial Times, experts pinpointed 16 genes that predispose patients to critical illness as part of the world’s largest study into the genetics of the disease.

Connections to severe covid symptoms 

It’s also important to note the fact that this study was led by scientists from the University of Edinburgh and Genomics England.

They also confirmed seven other genes that have connections to severe symptoms of covid. These had been identified by earlier research. Here’s what the original notes say: 

“The genes pinpointed by the research are linked to the immune system’s ability to recognize foreign pathogens, alongside the biological mechanisms involved in blood clotting and lung inflammation — some of the hallmarks of severe Covid.”

Dr Kenneth Baillie who is an important care consultant from the University of Edinburgh who led the study, said the results helped “explain why some people develop life-threatening Covid-19, while others get no symptoms at all”.

He continued and said this: 

“More importantly, this gives us a deep understanding of the process of [the] disease and is a big step forward in finding more effective treatments.”

It’s also important to mention that he said that some treatments could help “get the mortality down to zero” among Covid-19 patients admitted to intensive care.

Check out more available info on the subject that you can find in the original article. 

Stay tuned for more interesting news about the novel coronavirus. 

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