Omicron Symptoms Revealed: Are They Enough To Trigger World Terror?

Omicron Symptoms Revealed: Are They Enough To Trigger World Terror?

There’s been a lot of fuss all over the world regarding the latest variant of coronavirus – the Omicron variant. While the name sounds as if it were snatched from a sci-fi movie, the latest variant of coronavirus is able to freak out a lot of people.

Anywhere we look all over the media, all that we can see these days is the fact that Omicron is causing world panic. But are the symptoms associated with this covid variant enough to trigger such drama? Check out the latest reports below.

Omicron symptoms revealed 

Deseret online publication notes that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world. People have an idea of what Omicron symptoms look like for infected people.

“The ZOE COVID Study, which has analyzed thousands of COVID-19 cases and reported on symptoms of those cases, has revealed the top symptoms for people who were infected with the coronavirus at the time when the omicron variant likely started to spread,” according to CNBC.

The symptoms really seem to be similar to other coronavirus variants. Check out the top five symptoms. 

Runny nose.
Fatigue (either mild or severe).
Sore throat.

According to the same online publication, Professor Tim Spector, the lead scientist on the ZOE COVID Study app, said there’s a risk you might think omicron is a normal cold, but you shouldn’t ignore the signs, according to The Guardian.

“Things like fever, cough and loss of smell are now in the minority of symptoms we are seeing,” he said.

He continued and explained the following: 

“Most people don’t have classic symptoms.”

Anthony Fauci drops warning about covid

The novel coronavirus and its multiple variants are still freaking out the majority of the world these days, and the neverending discussions about the covid vaccines continue.


Now, there’s a statement released by Anthony Fauci which makes people wonder. Check out the following video and tweet. Remember that this statement dates back to March 2020.


Stay tuned for more news. 

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