New York Times And CDC Just Admitted Overcounted Covid Deaths

New York Times And CDC Just Admitted Overcounted Covid Deaths

It has been just revealed that after calling the whole thing a conspiracy theory, the CDC and New York Times have just admitted that the covid deaths have been overcounted. Check out the latest reports about this below.

New York Times and CDC make shocking admission

Here is a relevant tweet about the matter:

The New York Times writes the following:

“The United States has reached a milestone in the long struggle against Covid: The total number of Americans dying each day — from any cause — is no longer historically abnormal.”

The number of excess deaths has been a crucial indicator of the true impact of Covid, as it is not reliant on assigning a specific cause of death. Even if Covid cases go undiagnosed, excess deaths can still reflect the effects of the virus.

This statistic also accounts for the indirect effects of Covid, such as an increase in vehicle accidents, gun deaths, and deaths resulting from missed medical treatments during the pandemic.

During the height of the Covid outbreak, the daily death rate in America was more than 30 percent higher than usual, which was a startling increase. For the past three years, the excess death rate has been above 10 percent for extended periods of time. However, in recent months, excess deaths have decreased to almost zero, according to three different measures.

The Human Mortality Database estimates that slightly fewer Americans have died than expected since March, while both The Economist magazine and the C.D.C. report that the excess-death rate is below 1 percent. Here is the C.D.C. data:

Check out the original article in order to learn more details about this.

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