New Covid Variant Omicron Is More Dangerous Than Delta, Experts Warn

New Covid Variant Omicron Is More Dangerous Than Delta, Experts Warn

There’s a new covid variant on the loose and it’s called Omicron. Experts are currently investigating whether mutations are making the variant more infectious or evading immune response.

The Wall Street Journal just noted that the fast-spreading Omicron coronavirus variant was recently identified in South Africa.

It seems that this has virologists and health authorities on edge because of its many mutations, but much about its infectiousness and virulence remains unknown.

“Scientists said some of the roughly 50 mutations on the new variant, called B.1.1.529, could potentially render it more transmissible or reduce vaccine effectiveness.”

The same online publication also noted the fact that it will take time for virologists and infectious-disease researchers to study the variant’s spread and the potential impact on vaccines and therapeutics.

CNN reported that the new Covid-19 variant discovered in South Africa is a “variant of concern.” They also revealed the fact that the US stocks fell and oil prices plunged more than 10% as the emergence of the new variant, named Omicron, rattled global markets.

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The Guardian also shared their opinion on the new variant.

“This variant is a powerful reminder that failing to distribute vaccines equitably is a failure not only of ethics but of self-protection: the more the virus circulates, the greater the risk of new variants.”

Covid 19 affects financial aspects 

The other day we were reporting that the payments stocks are also affected by the surge of covid 19, the disease triggered by the novel coronavirus that managed to change the world.

This has raised fears with the reintroduction of massive lockdowns and the end result could be a sharp decline in consumer activity.

Barrons. com notes the following in their relevant article:

“In the credit card space, Visa stock (ticker: V) fell 2.6% during Monday’s session and trading around flat on Tuesday. Mastercard (MA) declined 5.4% Monday but ticked up 0.2% Tuesday, while American Express (AXP) slipped 1.5% Monday and was down a further 1.5% on Tuesday.”

Check out more relevant notes about the novel coronavirus and make sure to stay safe. 

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