Just In: Service Members Were ‘Coerced’ Into Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

Just In: Service Members Were ‘Coerced’ Into Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

It has been just reported the fact that there are some service members who said that they have been coerced into taking the COVID vaccine. Here are the latest reports on the subject.

Service members talk about coercion into COVID vaccination

Last fall, the author conducted an independent survey in which 229 individuals currently serving in the U.S. military voluntarily participated by answering a series of questions.

The results of the survey helped to shed light on the difficulties encountered by some members of the U.S. Armed Forces who were affected by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s military vaccine mandate that was issued in August 2021.

The anonymous questionnaire asked the participating service members about their COVID-19 vaccine status and various details about the military vaccine mandate, which has now been rescinded.

The survey also explored the deliberate coercion faced by many who opposed the mandate. The survey was responded to by all branches of the military, including enlisted and officer ranks. On average, survey participants served in the military for about 16 years.

Out of the 229 participants, 169 were active duty service members. It was found that 87% or 199 participants were unvaccinated against COVID-19. Only 30 participants had been vaccinated, out of which only two had done so willingly.

Out of 30 individuals who acknowledged taking the COVID-19 vaccine, 20 of them claim to have been injured by the vaccine. Furthermore, 93% of the participants reported knowing someone who they believed was also injured by the vaccine.

The Epoch Times interviewed two participants who used pseudonyms to protect themselves from potential reprisals. Both participants made it clear that their views do not represent those of the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, or the Department of the Air Force.

Officer Alvin Johnson, a 20-year Army veteran with multiple deployments, opposed the COVID-19 vaccine mandated by the Department of Defense in August 2021.

“I’m not a lab rat and neither are the people I work with,” he told The Epoch Times.

Officer Johnson who used a pseudonym, was one of the 227 participants who believe the COVID-19 vaccine should not have been mandated. Approximately 95 percent said the mandate was unlawful.

“While holding out [from taking the vaccine], I was forced to wear a mask and was often singled out for being unvaccinated,” Officer Johnson said. Bringing these concerns to his command, “I was simply told: ‘I don’t make the rules.’” Threats that would negatively impact his personal life and career soon followed, according to the original notes. 

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