COVID-19 Boosters Can Trigger Blood Sugar Spikes If You Have Type 1 Diabetes

COVID-19 Boosters Can Trigger Blood Sugar Spikes If You Have Type 1 Diabetes

There are more and more reports coming out regarding the health effects of COVID-19 vaccines. Check out the latest news on the boosters’ effects below.

COVID-19 booster can trigger spikes in blood sugar

In the summer of 2021, a 24-year-old woman with Type 1 diabetes, who usually required 45 units of insulin daily, was admitted to the emergency room with dangerously high glucose levels that were unresponsive to her regular insulin protocol. Her heart was pounding, and she was breathing rapidly.

The physicians at Johns Hopkins probed deeper into the case and identified a subtle yet significant link between the COVID-19 booster shot and short-term blood sugar spikes in adults with Type 1 diabetes.
On her first day at the hospital, she required 220 units of insulin through IV – almost five times her regular dose. By the third day, her glucose levels had started to decrease.

Doctors were puzzled by the sudden spike in blood glucose levels and ruled out COVID-19 and other possible infections for the woman who was experiencing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). The mystery persisted until Dr. Mihail “Misha” Zilbermint, an endocrinologist at Johns Hopkins, noticed a crucial detail: the sudden surge occurred just a day after the patient received her COVID-19 booster shot.

“I reviewed the case extensively, searching for any potential causes of DKA. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary except for the recent COVID-19 shot. It sparked an “aha moment,” Dr. Zilbermint shared with The Epoch Times. “I raced home on my bike and, still in my cycling gear, urgently called my colleague, exclaiming, ‘You won’t believe this!'”

An investigation was launched

Following the incident, and supported by other anecdotal accounts, Dr. Zilbermint led an investigative study at Johns Hopkins to investigate the effects of COVID-19 booster shots on glucose levels in people with Type 1 diabetes.

The study revealed a significant increase in glucose levels in participants just a couple of days after vaccination, with the average glucose level rising from 163 to around 173.

This jump is statistically significant and is unlikely to be due to chance. Researchers also observed a temporary increase in insulin resistance, indicating that the body was not utilizing insulin as effectively as usual.

While COVID-19 booster vaccines had a mostly minimal impact on glucose control, with an average increase of 6 percent, Dr. Demidowich highlighted a critical finding: “One in four participants experienced a pronounced surge in blood sugar levels after receiving the booster shot.”

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