Challenging Global Elites: Dr. Robert Malone Meets MEP Cristian Terhes In Romania

Challenging Global Elites: Dr. Robert Malone Meets MEP Cristian Terhes In Romania

Dr. Robert Malone shared a post on his X account detailing an interesting meeting with Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes. Here are the reports about what the two important personalities have to say about it.

Robert Malone meets Cristian Terhes in Bucharest

Expert Robert Malone had dinner with Cristian Terhes in Bucharest, Romania. Cristian-Vasile Terheș is a Romanian politician currently serving as a Member of the European Parliament for the Christian Democratic National Peasants’ Party after being elected on the Social Democratic Party list.

Malone shared on his X account that he was honored to meet Terhes and he admires his intellect and determination for fighting and challenging the world elites.

In the video that has been shared via X by Malone, Terhes says:

“Where were we, where are we [now], and where are we heading? Because, you have a flower. If you cut the flower and you give it to a woman, for example, it’s not going to last for long – a day or two-three days. Then, it’s going to die. It’s the same with the tree. You need deep roots in order for the tree to survive any kind of storm. So, what [are they] doing right now?”

He continued and said:

“They are cutting these roots, so the next generations around are not even realizing who they are, because they don’t know who they were. So, in order to control the future, it’s enough not necessarily to control the present, but to cut the connection with the past. So, for us in the West, it’s very important that every generation will be reminded about the importance of individual freedom, national sovereignty, respect for fundamental rights, [and] supremacy of national constitutions.”

Terhes is a fighter for justice and freedom and has been challenging the elites for a while now. He also blew the “man-made global warming” hoax completely out of the water, in the EU parliament, back in December.

Not too long ago, Malone also made sure to explain the ways in which humanity is at war. He is describing the 5th gen warfare and what this means.

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