Alex Jones: Mainstream Media Finally Covers Covid Vaccine Injuries

Alex Jones: Mainstream Media Finally Covers Covid Vaccine Injuries

It has been revealed the fact that the MSM is finally covering the COVID vaccine injuries. Check out the latest reports about this below.

MSM finally covers COVID vaccine injuries

Check out the tweet that Jones shared on his social media account:

Someone said: “Thank you Alex! I tried telling everyone how sick I was for an entire year while almost dying several times… in an out of the ER almost weekly and nobody believed that it was the shot. The ONLY difference in our human Biomes and THEY ALL refused to listen! Because of MONEY.”

Another follower posted this message: “I don’t know why it’s even called a vaccine when it doesn’t do anything that fits the definition other than making it easier to get through it, but for me I prefer vaccines that protect from getting it. The vaccine is the bio-weapon, and we won’t know its full effect for years.”

Alex Jones has just posted a terrifying video addressing a sort of new pandemic that features an illness like AIDS.

Alex Jones shares shocking video

Here’s the video that Jones shared on his social media account on X:

He also shared a video featuring the medical expert dr. Robert Malone explaining the symptoms:

Here is another relevant tweet:

Speaking of dr. Malone, he recently shed light on another vital issue regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

“Important presentation from Dr. Kevin McKernan, who made the first discoveries and disclosures regarding the DNA fragment contamination of the Pfizer and Moderna mod-mRNA vaccines,” he shared on X.

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