Is Being Vegan The Smarter Choice?

Is Being Vegan The Smarter Choice?

Vegetarianism is not a diet but a life choice. More and more people chose it because of psychological or religious beliefs, or simply because they want to improve their health. But is the renunciation of meat the solution for a better life? Here’s what the specialists say.

Vegetarianism takes many forms. The vegetarian regime is understood by most as the ovo-lacto-vegetarian regime, which nutritionists recommend at the beginning. It is preferable to start with this diet because it contains milk protein which is even better than meat and fish. A high intake of fiber from plants cannot be completely metabolized by the body and can often cause irritation in the digestive system.

There is a clear benefit in choosing this way of life too. Plants contribute to changing the internal environment towards the alkaline side, which stimulates the immunity processes. It is a very good thing because it strengthens the body’s ability to fight any disease.

Another beneficial effect of the vegetarian diet on the body is that we subject the body to a smaller effort in digestion. And consumed fibers are good for detoxifying the body and reduce the risk of developing conditions such as hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, arterial hypertension and colon cancer.

This diet is not recommended for pregnant women or children. Specialists warn mums that a vegetarian diet can cause fetal deficiencies due to the fact that it is not fed with good quality protein. And in the case of the kids, doctors do not recommend this diet because it affects the harmonious development of children.

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