Tackle Overeating With These Effective Strategies

Tackle Overeating With These Effective Strategies

Excessive eating, or overeating, can often be interpreted as a sign of a disorder or a clue that infers that you don’t have a healthy lifestyle. It can lead to unexpected weight gain and increase the risk of becoming obese.

It is estimated that approximately 38% of the adult U.S. population have overeaten or favored unhealthy foods in the last month, with the primary cause being stress. Other factors can contribute to this problem, and among them, we can count genetic legacy, peer pressure, and some diets.

Thankfully, there are effective strategies that can help people to decrease food consumption and positively enhance their diets. Read below to learn more about them.

Tackle Overeating With These Effective Strategies

Keep some of your favorite foods

Most people who try to make the jump to a healthy diet will remove their favorite foods. Experts suggest that an occasional treat is not harmful since it can boost your motivation. Restrictive diets are prone to making people sad and deprived, two feelings that increase the risk of caving in and eating forbidden foods. A slice of pizza, some ice cream, or a small serving of chocolate can be healthy if reasonable limits are maintained.

Avoid trigger foods

In select cases, trigger foods will encourage a person to overeat. It is essential to avoid them when possible.

Always eat from a plate.

Foods that are placed in a bag, carton boxes, or other recipients can favor overeating since it is easy to go beyond the amount of a regular serving. Always place the food you want to eat in a single serving size on a plate or in a bowl.

Favor protein and fiber

The best sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, beans, and oats. Along with proteins, they can decrease the feeling of hunger and keep you full during the day.

Stress management

Keeping stress under control is a must since many may use overeating as a coping mechanism when they feel under pressure.

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