New Study Shows That Eating Fast Carbs Does Not Cause You to Gain More Weight

New Study Shows That Eating Fast Carbs Does Not Cause You to Gain More Weight

There is also a significant amount of confusion around how carbs affect weight gain. Many diets tell you to avoid carbs, and some also claim that consuming certain types of carbohydrates will increase your weight. But, in actuality, there isn’t one type of carb that is necessarily detrimental to your weight gain attempts.

Many people have avoided fast carbs such as white bread out of the fear of gaining weight. A study commissioned by the Grain Foods Foundation and published in the Advances In Nutrition journal brings good news for those who had missed fast carbs in their diet. Researchers have analyzed the difference between low glycemic foods (slow carbs) and high glycemic foods (fast carbs) in terms of weight gain. As it appears, despite their high glycemic index, these foods do not cause you to gain more weight compared to other foods.

“This study is the first to definitively demonstrate that fast carbs do not make you fat. Contrary to popular belief, those who consume a diet of high-GI foods are no more likely to be obese or gain weight than those who consume a diet of low-GI foods. Furthermore, they are no less likely to lose weight,” explained professor Glenn Gaesser, the co-author of the study.

Out of 27 studies that researched the difference between slow carbs and fast carbs, 70% revealed that the BMI of the dieter consuming fast carbs is either similar or even lower compared to those consuming slow carbs. More than that, some of the studies found that low glycemic goods did not have an advantage when it came to losing weight either. Researchers concluded that the diet’s diversity is crucial for health and weight control, and any type of carbohydrate can be integrated into a healthy diet.

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