Coffee Could Make You Crave For Even More Sugar

Coffee Could Make You Crave For Even More Sugar

Coffee is a popular drink most of us consume daily at least once. While it is very popular and it helps us stay awake and make it through a long day at work, coffee could make us crave sugar and thus be the hidden enemy.

A new study proves coffee makes us crave sugar

According to a study published in the Journal of Food Science people who consume coffee containing caffeine have their taste buds altered.

107 subjects were used for the study which consisted of two experiments. The first experiment consisted of giving subjects decaffeinated coffee with 200mg of caffeine (the amount usually found in a strong cup of coffee). The second experiment consisted in giving subjects decaffeinated coffee.
After the experiments the subjects were asked to rate the taste of the coffee with other sugar liquids. Those who had the coffee containing caffeine rated the coffee less sweet than the decaf. They also rated the sugary solutions less sweet. Thus, decaffeinated coffee changes the way in which we perceive taste.

Coffee leads to weight gain

Caffeine attaches to the adenosine receptors in the body and it keeps you awake, but at the same time it decreases your ability to taste sweet things. This makes you crave even more sugar.

It is difficult to abstain from eating something when your body feels like it.

The conclusion would be to reduce the coffee intake by drinking only one cup per day and drink the coffee when you feel like eating something sweet.

The results of the study are difficult to accept for all coffee lovers. For most of us coffee is a culture and an entire industry. The two most important coffee species are Arabica and Robusta. The beans are grown in more than 50 countries.

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