This Alkaline Water Recipe Destroys All Cancerous Cells

This Alkaline Water Recipe Destroys All Cancerous Cells

Cancer is a disease so common today that poses a threat to all of us. You may have heard so far that cancer cells do not resist an alkaline environment. That’s why alkaline water is a miracle for health.

The pH level starts at 0 and ends at 14, so level 7 is neutral. Substances with pH below 7 are acidic, and those above 7 are alkaline.

Tap water weakens the immune system and leads to various diseases. When the body has an acidic composition, the person has digestive problems, gets fat, has chronic fatigue and low energy levels, and many other side effects.

But if you consume pure water and fresh organic vegetables, you will maintain a healthy balance in the body between the acidic and alkaline environment and unpleasant symptoms will be avoided.

It has been known for centuries that the level of PH in the body is determined by the food we eat. A great former pharmacist recommends alkaline water as a secret of health.

Here’s how to prepare it:

¼ root of ginger;

½ cup mint leaves;

1 lemon;

½ cucumber;

Peel a ginger root and slice it. Cut off all the ingredients and mix them. Pour water (you can add water to these ingredients for 3 days in a row).

This mixed water should be drunk every morning. All ingredients have many health benefits, but also powerful disinfecting and antibacterial properties. Lemon is the no. 1 enemy of cancer, has 22 anti-cancer properties and alkalize the body.

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