Unsolicited Health Advice? Here’s How To Deal With Them!

Unsolicited Health Advice? Here’s How To Deal With Them!

Even though you’ve just posted about your health issues on a forum, your social media page, your blog, or on social groups, I bet you got some replies from people who just wanted to give you health advice. But unsolicited health advice can be annoying, not to mention that following tips that are not from medical sources are not a good thing to do.

Here are 4 easy to follow tips on how to deal with unsolicited health advice!

1. Ignore the advice
If the unsolicited health advice comes via an online environment such as on Facebook or via email, ignoring it is ideal.

However, ignoring unsolicited health advice that might say something good won’t put you in the best light, so be cautious what tips you ignore.

2. ‘Thanks but no, thanks!’
It is a good strategy to avoid online conflicts. People could well-meaning when giving advice but can quickly become verbally violent if you shut them down or contradict them.

Therefore, thanking them for their tips is the best way to avoid possible conflicts.

3. Tell people what you think about receiving unsolicited health advice
Good if you’re getting in-person unsolicited health advice from friends, family or online friends, this strategy should be used for tips that are not worthy of your attention.

Make people understand, using diplomacy of course, that your health is not a subject you’d like to talk about.

Your friends and family will understand your point of view and will respect your decision not to talk about your health.

4. Accept people as they are
Regardless you’re chronically ill or not, this is applicable to everyone. People’s behavior can’t always be as we wish, therefore accepting the others as they are can bring you peace of mind.

Accept that people, even your family or your close friends, won’t always treat you exactly as you’d like to be treated but when accepting the differences between the others and yourself you’ll see the world differently as you’re getting along with every person.

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