Complications Caused By Dirty Makeup Brushes

Complications Caused By Dirty Makeup Brushes

Most women, and especially teenagers, use makeup every day. Unfortunately, cosmetic products can have a bad effect on skin health.

If you want to have a perfect makeup and a healthy skin, you must clean the brushes at least every two weeks. Traces of old makeup, dirt, oil, dead skin, and bacteria that remain on makeup brushes can damage your skin.

Here are the harmful effects of dirty makeup brushes on your skin and why it is so important to cleanse them:


Bacteria, germs and dust that can be found on makeup brushes can lead to the appearance of acne. If you have an open wound on the skin, dilated pores or cracked skin, the dirt on the brushes can even cause serious infections.

Skin irritation

Brushes soaked with makeup can be abrasive to the skin once the product dries on them. Using them on the delicate skin surface, they can cause irritation and other signs. So wash your brushes regularly so that they stay soft so you do not hurt your skin.


Dirty lip brushes can cause herpes, and mascara may cause serious eye infections. So clean them once a week with alcohol and rinse them thoroughly with water.


Cosmetic gels and creams are wet environments that can produce bacteria, especially if they have a good environment in which bacteria can multiply.
Liquid makeup also deteriorates much faster than dust, so be sure to keep them away from each other to avoid contamination.

Makeup color

Dirty brushes will not help you create a perfect makeup. Once you have applied a color, they will no longer be able to keep the natural color you want to get. You will get more shadows that will destroy your makeup.

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