Thailand Started Administering Under the Skin Covid-19 Booster Jabs

Thailand Started Administering Under the Skin Covid-19 Booster Jabs

Thailand announced back in August that it was studying the possibility of administering Covid-19 vaccines under the skin, using intradermal injections rather than the muscular method. One intradermal jab uses 25 % of the serum needed for a muscular jab, and it is as effective. The Covid-19 pandemic has severely affected Thailand as much of its economy depends on tourism. The country’s officials struggle to provide enough Covid-19 vaccine doses for the over 63.69 million people living in Thailand.

Vachira Hospital in Phuket has already started under the skin administration

The Asian country used several Covid-19 vaccines, including Sinovac and AstraZeneca. Health experts decided that booster shots are needed due to the aggressive Delta strain detected in the country. Thailand and other countries, such as Chile, have decided to offer a booster shot with the AstraZeneca serum for those who have been fully vaccinated with the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine.

Phuket and other parts of Thailand have started administering intradermal booster jabs, hoping to decrease the number of new infections. Chalermpong Sukonthaphon, director of the Vachira Hospital in the Phuket area, declared for a media outlet that they can now extract five intradermal injections from one Covid-19 dose.

Health workers received Pfizer Covid-19 booster shots

The Delta variant originated in India, has been characterized by its high transmissibility rate and the fact that it is more resistant to several Covid-19 vaccines. To protect health workers so that the hospital system does not collapse, Thailand’s government decided to offer Pfizer booster jabs for medical personnel.

More research is needed to determine if intradermal injections are as efficient and effective as muscular injections. If research indicates under the skin Covid-19 jabs work, many emerging countries might adopt the method so that more people could benefit from protection against the new coronavirus.

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