Joe Rogan Comments On War On Farmers Waged By Sociopathic Elites

Joe Rogan Comments On War On Farmers Waged By Sociopathic Elites

It seems that Joe Rogan has some pretty 9important things to say about the war that is waged on farmers. Check out the latest reports and watch the video below.

Joe Rogan and the war on farmers

“What they really want to do is control all the food… They want you to be completely dependent on them.”

Joe Rogan comments on the war on farmers being waged by sociopathic “elites”—using the pretext of “climate change”—as a means of seizing control of the global food supply.

Someone said: “Rogan is fair and reasonable discussing issues with people from so many view points. But this is his take on the world. He gets what is happening. People need to listen.”

A follower commented on the issue and stated: “This is a page from the communism playbook. Confiscate the farms, lands, push people to leave rural areas and move into cities. You think you can ‘resist’? Think twice. Farmers in Eastern Europe thought the same. Until they were jailed, killed or killed themselves.”

Huge protests in Europe

Not too long ago, we revealed the fact that Romanian farmers and truckers resumed their protests after negotiations with the government failed on Sunday. These protests are similar to the ones happening in Germany.

The demonstrations started on January 10 and have disrupted traffic in various cities, including the capital city of Bucharest. The farmers and truckers are protesting against high taxes and delayed compensation payments, among other grievances.

Over the weekend, the protesters also gathered in border areas, blocking the northeastern border with Ukraine for a short period of time.

Farmers and truckers in Romania are demanding faster payment of subsidies and compensation for those affected by drought or disruptions caused by Ukrainian grain imports.

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