Was the First Photo of a Black Hole False? Scientists Have a Different Approach

Was the First Photo of a Black Hole False? Scientists Have a Different Approach

Back in 2019, the world of those who are passionate about the mysteries of the Universe went wild at the news of the first black hole that had ever got photographed by astronomers. But it might have been nothing more than a non-accurate photo

Black holes are perhaps the most mysterious objects in our nature, as astrophysicists struggle even today to understand how they work and why they are defying pretty much all the laws that govern the Universe.

A new image of the M87 black hole

Scientists from Japan are responsible for publishing the first photo of a black hole: M87, which is positioned at the heart of the M87 galaxy that’s located over 53 million light-years away, to be more precise. According to New Scientist, the same team used the same data collected by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) to create a new version of the initial black hole photo that was published three years ago. 

The same publication says that the scientists are now questioning if the first picture of the black hole was accurate. The new image of the black hole was possible thanks to Makato Myoshi from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, along with his colleagues.

Futurism.com tells us that the new image of the black hole is different from the one released in 2019. However, this might be just due to pure human error. Since an algorithm was used to compile data into just one image, there is the possibility for human error to exist.

Except for their terrifying nature, black holes can also play a positive role in the Universe. These cosmic monsters are thought to play a role in forming the shape of galaxies. Scientists even believe that there’s a supermassive black hole at the core of each galaxy.

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