Top Geneticist Says That the Diagram About Human Evolution From Apes Should Be Removed From Textbooks

Top Geneticist Says That the Diagram About Human Evolution From Apes Should Be Removed From Textbooks

Does the modern human really have a common ancestor with apes, as science teaches us? Or are there chemical processes that biologists still have to uncover? Humans have consciousness and a creative mind that allow us to be much intelligent, creative and to anticipate the future. Such traits made many philosophers and great thinkers conclude that the human race is the result of something more than just ‘biological luck’ or a mere accident of nature.

According to Daily Mail, the top geneticist Dr. Adam Rutherford comes to downplay the famous diagram of human evolution from apes. The man even says that the diagram is “so wrong” and that it shouldn’t appear in school books anymore.

“The Road To Homo Sapiens” is just a convenient shorthand

Dr. Rutherford describes “The Road To Homo Sapiens” diagram of American-based artist Rudolph Zallinger as being just a ‘convenient shorthand’ for depicting the evolution of the human race. Dr. Rutherford also claims that the discovery of a new skull suggests the falsehood of the linear evolution of man. We’re obviously talking about this image:

The diagram was created way back in the 1960s and has appeared in countless situations, including cartoons. But along with the new discovery, meaning a prehistoric skull hidden in a Chinese well, scientists concluded that the fossil doesn’t fit into the famous image of human evolution.

The skull was discovered almost a hundred years ago – in 1933 when some workers were building a bridge in northern China. Researchers from Hebei Geo University examined the skull a few years ago, and they discovered that the remnant is at least 146,000 years old. Therefore, the skull must belong to an unknown early human species.

Finding out that you’re wrong as a scientist might be very frustrating, but that is, after all, part of the beauty of science.

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