Talking Too Much Might Actually Make People Like You, New Research Claims

Talking Too Much Might Actually Make People Like You, New Research Claims

We’re all social creatures by nature, as we can’t really imagine our lives without communicating with one another. Loneliness is the most horrible thing in the world for many people.

But some individuals speak more than others. Some folks speak more nonsense than others. There are people who reject science and believe that the Earth is flat, for instance. There are also chess grandmasters out there. It’s a big world we live in! But it doesn’t necessarily matter if your words make sense or not. If you’ve developed your hobby of speaking a lot, even if your interlocutor has asked for your opinion or not, that might make you more enjoyable to other people. Oddly enough, that’s what a new study claims.

Talk to strangers!

Remember when our mothers told us not to talk to strangers when we were little? Remember that great song from Ronnie James Dio, entitled “Don’t talk to strangers”? That was indeed a great track, and the advice was a good one only when we were kids. Surely all of our friends have once been strangers to us until we met them.  

According to the new study that The Conversation tells us about, speaking to strangers more than half the time you spend with them will make you more likable, contrary to popular belief. The same study says that people have a restraint about speaking too much when they first meet someone.

In the new research, 116 participants were asked to gradually increase their amount of speaking during a conversation with people they met for the first time. It was concluded that by applying this method, the participants were being liked more and more by their new interlocutors.

Otherwise, it’s clear what we could learn from the new research: we shouldn’t be hesitant to speak more to people we first meet. It can even make us more likable, but of course, it would be naive to think that the findings can apply to anyone. People are complicated, and some can still not like you if you speak too much (especially if they don’t find you interesting) or even if you don’t speak at all (they’ll think you’re arrogant).

The new research was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

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