Take the Best Selfies like Kim K or Kelly Brook with the Help of ONE Simple Trick

Take the Best Selfies like Kim K or Kelly Brook with the Help of ONE Simple Trick

Most of us would be lying if we claimed that we don’t care about taking good selfies. The most widely-accepted truth of the 21st century (a.k.a. the century of the frontcam) is that a perfect selfie is the best boost for self-esteem, and can make a bad day better. After all, who cares about nasty people, when you look so ‘on fleek’ today?

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating yourself in all your beauty, style and class, and a good selfie is a very appropriate way to do it. It doesn’t even matter if you post it on social media to gather likes, or you just keep it for yourself. The satisfaction will always be there.

Scientists Prove that There is a Secret Behind the Perfect Selfie

While we already knew that knowing the right angle for your face matters a lot, what comes as huge news is that there’s actually science behind it! Researchers have conducted a study which consisted in showing a group of various people selfies taken from different angles, and in turn the participants had to select the most attractive ones.

Surprisingly enough, the unanimous decision was that selfies showcasing the left side of your face are the most attractive. While celebrities like the selfie-queen herself, Kim Kardashian and half-sisters Kendall and Kylie take selfies from all possible angles that look even remotely flattering, it’s true that there is a noticeable penchant for left-sided pics. We don’t know what’s so damn attractive about the left side of people’s faces, but there’s certainly that touch of something that makes it irresistible.

Therefore, if you were wondering how to angle your next selfie, maybe angle it towards the left side of your face this time. You’ll most likely get tons of like and positive comments on it. It’s ok, you can thank us later!

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