New York and Connecticut Witness Imposing Fireball Zooming Across the Night Sky

New York and Connecticut Witness Imposing Fireball Zooming Across the Night Sky

Meteors keep zooming across the sky, and there’s pretty much nothing we can do about them. But perhaps that’s how it should be. Remaining simple beholders and witnesses to their dominance is a true blessing for many, as there’s no wonder why many people have superstitions related to such cosmic objects.

Those Americans who live in New York and Connecticut have been lucky enough to spot an imposing meteor zooming above their heads on September 2, according to Newsweek.

The event was caught on video from various sources, and you can check out some relevant footage below:

YouTube video

A person who has seen the event from New York wrote, as the publication mentioned above quotes:

This is the 3rd fireball I’ve seen in my life, but the others were more fiery, red, ‘slow’ burn. This was extremely bright and white, gorgeous!

Another person has seen the meteor all the way from Pennsylvania,  said, as the same source quotes:

Saw this while I was driving,

It was so bright I practically swerved my car because I thought it was another car coming at me. But I saw it in the sky when I looked to see what the light was.

Nature still seems to be very good to us humans. Except for providing such beautiful celestial shows from time to time, most meteors that we see zooming across the skies are harmless to our planet. Thanks to Earth’s atmosphere, those space rocks slowly disintegrate until they reach the surface. 

Earth is truly unique when it comes to its protective shield. There’s no such thing on Mars, for instance, the place where we hope to move to someday. But that shouldn’t discourage Elon Musk & co, as astronomers still hope to create a habitable environment on our Red Planet. 


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