Elon Musk Talked About Mars Colonization And BFR Test Launch Set For 2019 At SXSW

Elon Musk Talked About Mars Colonization And BFR Test Launch Set For 2019 At SXSW

Elon Musk gave a reminder on the importance of a Martian colony on the occasion of the SXSW, the show which is held in Austin, Texas, until Tuesday, March 13th. He explained once again the technical means he intends to implement for this company. However, he remained enigmatic regarding the deadline of this SpaceX mission.

Conquest of Mars – An obligation to save us

More than the conquest of another planet, he insisted on all the reasons that condemn us if we stay on Earth. In bulk, global warming, the Third World War, or artificial intelligence are just a few causes why people should direct their attention towards Mars colonization.

“It is likely that there are still dark ages. Especially if there is a world war,” Elon Musk said.

In this context, for him, Mars and even the Moon are the danger-free zones to ensure the preservation of the human race.

Even more, Musk said that those colonies on Moon and Mars could help rebuild the Earth in the case of a nuclear disaster, for example. He also particularly emphasized the dangers of artificial intelligence describing it as “much more dangerous than bombs”.

First BFR rocket tests set for 2019
This speech was particularly surprising for this event where people like to talk about the incredible potential of technology. He still wanted to give a little optimism by estimating that autonomous cars would be 200 times safer than those driven by humans.

His focus was clearly on the Mars colonization and he explained that Space X was planning to test an interplanetary rocket in 2019 – the BFR rocket.

BFR’s goal will not be to take someone to Mars right away but only to make faster flights. This rocket would have twice the power of Saturn 5, the main rocket used by NASA in the Apollo program.

The rumored date for the launch of the SpaceX mission to Mars is between 2023 and 2025 but Elon Musk did not disclose an official date during his speech at SXSW.

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