Early Humans Started Using Bow-and-Arrow in Europe Far Earlier Than Researchers Initially Thought

Early Humans Started Using Bow-and-Arrow in Europe Far Earlier Than Researchers Initially Thought

Homo sapiens, or modern humans, have been around for about 300,000 years. This makes us a relatively young species compared to some of our evolutionary ancestors, such as Homo erectus, which existed for over 1 million years.

What sets Homo sapiens apart from other species is our advanced cognitive abilities, including language, abstract thinking, and complex problem-solving skills. These abilities have allowed us to create complex societies, develop technologies, and transform the world around us.

A new study that France24 tells us about provides fresh insight into when homo sapiens started to use bow and arrow in Europe.

Early humans started using bow-and-arrow 40,000 years earlier than researchers previously thought

Researchers have discovered evidence of the first use of bows and arrows by Homo sapiens in Europe, dating back 54,000 years, which is 40,000 years earlier than previously thought. The evidence comes from the Grotte Mandrin site in southern France, which contains layers of archaeological remains dating back over 80,000 years. The researchers conducted an analysis of flint artifacts found in a specific layer that was attributed to Homo sapiens, and found evidence of finely executed tiny flint points that were likely used as arrowheads. The discovery pushes back the age of archery in Europe and provided insight into the hunting techniques of early humans.

Laure Metz, one of the study’s co-authors, explained for AFP and as France24 quotes:

We couldn’t throw them at the animals any other way than with a bow because they were too tiny and too light to be efficient,

We had to use this kind of propulsion,

The only way that it was working was with a bow.

Homo sapiens have a unique ability to cooperate and work together in large groups, allowing us to achieve feats that would be impossible for individual humans or smaller social groups. This has been a critical factor in our success as a species, and has allowed us to build complex civilizations, develop agriculture and industry, and explore the far reaches of space.

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