Curiosity Mars Rover Received Another Computer Reset, And It Is Back At Work Now

Curiosity Mars Rover Received Another Computer Reset, And It Is Back At Work Now

We have some excellent news for Curiosity Mars rover fans. The Mars rover is once again performing its tasks after NASA gave it another reset. As we all know, Curiosity had some issues, and many people feared that this might be the end of the rover, especially after NASA had to say goodbye to the Opportunity rover after the dust storm that hit Mars last summer.

NASA Curiosity Mars rover received another computer reset, but it is back online, performing its tasks

The good news is that Curiosity Mars rover is now working correctly, and a computer reset was all it needed to get back to work. “Curiosity is back to work after another hiatus due to a computer reset,” explained Scott Guzewich, an atmospheric scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

There seems to be no reason to worry, and these resets are, in fact, regular. “These sorts of resets do happen from time to time for operating spacecraft, and we are able to enjoy the benefit of two computers to operate the rover by switching to the other one when needed,” added Guzewich.

In fact, Curiosity had two computer resets in three weeks. The last one was on the Side-A computer, and it took place on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Scientists decided to switch from the Side-A computer to the Side-B computer. Nonetheless, it appears that even that side had some memory issues.

Curiosity entered safe mode recently, and NASA still looks for the reasons behind that event

Something triggered Curiosity’s safe mode, and it made it interrupt its activities. Nonetheless, scientists didn’t identify its cause yet.

“We’re still not sure of its exact cause and are gathering the relevant data for analysis,” said Steven Lee, Curiosity’s deputy project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. JPL leads the Curiosity mission. “The rover experienced a one-time computer reset but has operated normally ever since, which is a good sign. We’re currently working to take a snapshot of its memory to understand better what might have happened.”

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