Controversial Spiral Object Appears Above Hawaii, Igniting UFO-Related Theories

Controversial Spiral Object Appears Above Hawaii, Igniting UFO-Related Theories

Experts struggled for quite some time to uncover the nature of a mysterious object appearing in the night sky above those who live in Hawaii. The object has the whirlpool shape of a galaxy, but it cannot be one since no galaxy is visible in its fullness with the naked eye. And galaxies can’t spontaneously appear in the night sky as far as astronomers and any other scientist knows.

According to LiveScience, the hunch of experts is that the mysterious object appearing over the American state of Hawaii has something to do with a space launch by SpaceX. But until they were able to uncover a certain answer, it was safe to simply call the object a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object).

It’s just a satellite

New observations confirm that the object in question is just a satellite launched into space by SpaceX. We’re sorry to disappoint you if you were hoping for aliens to finally visit Earth.


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SpaceX, the private space exploration company founded by Elon Musk, has a busy launch schedule and frequently sends satellites into space. The frequency of launches can vary depending on the specific mission and the readiness of the launch vehicle and payload. Additionally, the launch schedule can be affected by weather conditions and other factors. In recent years, SpaceX has been increasing the frequency of launches, sometimes launching multiple times in a week.

SpaceX is well-known for having some very ambitious plans when it comes to space exploration. For instance, the company wants to contribute to the first human mission to Mars. That’s actually the company’s ultimate goal. 

SpaceX has also been working on developing reusable rocket technology, which allows them to launch and land their rockets multiple times, reducing the cost of space launches.

UFO’s appearing in the sky have been relatively common throughout history, according to numerous eyewitnesses. 

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