Alien Bird Flying On Mars? A New Controversial NASA’s Curiosity Image Reignites Theories That Life On Mars Exists

Alien Bird Flying On Mars? A New Controversial NASA’s Curiosity Image Reignites Theories That Life On Mars Exists

The hunters for extraterrestrial life have been on fire lately as alien chasers worldwide repeatedly submitted proof of extraterrestrial life proofs and puzzling UFO observations. Similarly, an alien existence believer has submitted an image on the Internet to try to demonstrate that there is life on Mars. Allegedly, he states that he depicted a sort of alien bird flying on Mars in one of the images transmitted back to Earth by the NASA’s Curiosity Rover which is examining the Red Planet for some years now.

The renowned ArtAlienTV YouTube channel has dedicated an entire 13-minute long video on the discovery of what supposedly is a bird flying on Mars – Scroll to the end of this article for the video.

An alien bird flying on Mars captured in an image by NASA’s Curiosity rover

The alien fanatic considers the object is a sort of “lite” UFO or an alien bird which inhabits Mars. He also believes extraterrestrials inhabit the Red Planet and NASA should focus more on sending a manned mission there to establish contact with them.

The image (which can be seen below) depicts a sort of flying object on Mars. On the first look, it appears to resemble a bird, indeed, but when looking closer it might occur to you that it seems metallic.

Also, it could be a kind of debris or even a camera artifact.

Many strange objects appeared in Martian rovers’ images suggesting the existing of life on Mars

However, this isn’t the first case in which NASA and some other people have observed a weird object in the images captured by Curiosity and his other Martian rovers fellows.

Before, there have been numerous aliens believers who consider they have observed several enigmatic objects on the Martian surface, including a leprechaun, a military base, a sort of a reptile, some aliens fossils, and so on.

Whether it is indeed a bird flying on Mars, a small UFO glider, or just an artifact or only debris, this image captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover strengthens some people’s beliefs that there is life on Mars and, at the same time, deepens the mystery that surrounds the Red Planet.

YouTube video

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