Warning Toxic Algae at Pyramid Lake

Warning Toxic Algae at Pyramid Lake

The Los Angeles country has a beautiful lake called Pyramid Lake, which shares its name with the one in Alberta, Canada or the one from El Dorado County in California. However, if you are in the proximity of Pyramid Lake from the Los Angeles country and you are thinking about swimming to escape the scourging heat, think twice before actually going for it.

Los Angeles officials have issued a warning concerning the lake. Apparently, toxic blue-green algae have invaded the lake and they have prospered. The warning is important since contact with the algae results in several unpleasant effects such as eye irritation, skin rash and allergic reactions, vomiting and diarrhea, mouth ulcer and symptoms associated usually with the flu.

The California Department of Water Resources has tested the algae and confirmed the bloom. They have also warned the general population that the exposure to this type of algae is especially risky for children and pets, since they are more sensitive.

How to detect such algae?

According to Californian officials, this particular species can have colors such as blue-green or white, Also a sort of type of brown foam can be detected at the surface of the lake, floating and accumulating by the shore and boats.

What are the precaution measures recommended by the authorities?

Since the identification of this algae blooming, officials have issues a warning in which they advise citizens to avoid swimming or getting direct contact with the lake’s water. There is no exact end date to this warning so far. Also, they ask people to refrain from touching the foam or scum accumulated by the shoreline. Another indication is not to allow mascots to drink the water or get in contact with the foam floating by the shore. Also any type of fish and shellfish coming from the lake should not be eaten until further notice.

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