Transhumanist WEF’s Yuval Harari Says The New World Order Is A “Fantasy”

Transhumanist WEF’s Yuval Harari Says The New World Order Is A “Fantasy”

It has been revealed the fact that the WEF’s adviser, Yuval Harari, said that the New World Order concept is nothing but nonsense and fantasy. Check out the latest reports about this below.

NWO, nonsense?

Recently, Harari, who played a major role in designing the Great Reset for the World Economic Forum, appeared on the Lex Fridman podcast. During the conversation, Harari dismissed the idea of a New World Order conspiracy theory, stating that the world is far too intricate for influential individuals to devise a comprehensive global plan.

Someone commented: “NWO and the 2030 Agenda has been out in the open for many years, but the everyday citizen was not aware of its implications since the publicity was mostly limited to the Davos’ attendees.”

Yuval Harari’s complete theory of everything in a nutshell. “It is others that are confused and contradict themselves with disconnected arguments and superficial cause and effect. It’s very confusing, and they are very confused and mixed up conspirators.”He’s a historian of Lebanese descent. Not sure how the family ended up Jewish – not a common conversion. Also, as a historian of Lebanese descent myself, it’s a bit troublesome to me that Hariri is the top minion in the world’s supervillain plot unfolding in real-time.”
Another follower said this: “If there’s no truth to it whatsoever, why are they so aggressively working to ban/destroy people who connect the dots? Truth fears no investigation. Meanwhile, as they hold disproportionate power within media, entertainment, government and finance, they call everything Nazi, anti-Semitic, White supremacist.”

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