Toronto is Getting Ready for a Weekend Flood

Toronto is Getting Ready for a Weekend Flood

Island residents from Toronto are getting ready for a possible evacuation due to a potential flooding threat, as the waters will supposedly breach the shore in this weekend.

Experts from Environment Canada are reporting that there will be high amounts of precipitations in the weekend which will contribute to the flooding risk. Lake Ontario will have higher levels it will saturate the local area. Apparently, it will have the highest recorded level in decades. Official reports from the local authorities say that if the situation escalates they will be prepared to take action. They have a boat ready on Ward’s Island that can hold up to 700 people should evacuation measures need to be implemented. It can also be used as a shelter if needed.

The city has also been prepared to set-up dike constructions in an effort to stop the potential flood, sand is also being gathered into bags to assist in these efforts. The manager of waterfront parks also stated that heavy equipment and assets are being forwarded in order to assist.

The main concern is not the rain itself that will be quite abundant, but the lake itself. If the water rises, it will take a while to return to its normal parameters and there is no quick way to manually assist with that.

Inside the city, authorities are mobilizing crews that will be monitoring strategic areas that might be more susceptible to flooding, and are also clearing basins in order to catch as much rain as possible.

Toronto, overall, is a city that is normally not too susceptible to natural disasters, but it will hopefully manage to endure this flood with grace if it happens. They will be taking measures to ensure the safety of the locals.

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