The Sims 4 New Cats & Dogs DLC Available with New Pets

The Sims 4 New Cats & Dogs DLC Available with New Pets

We have some great news for Sims lovers! The developers have recently released a new expansion that gives them the ability to create and own pets. This expansion is focused solely on pets and it can be purchased and downloaded from EA’s Origin storefront for PC right now.

Creating New Pets

The main feature that’s being introduced alongside this expansion is a tool that enables players to create their own pets. The tool has been equipped with the necessary features to give players the option to completely customize their pets starting with unique appearances and ending with behaviors. Therefore, players can choose to create the loving dog or cat they always wished to have. Or even better, they can recreate their real pet that they have in their homes.

Veterinary Job

Another cool feature that Sims 4 players are going to enjoy after purchasing and downloading the new expansion is the ability to get a job as a veterinary. The game will include many veterinary clinics which are spread throughout the game’s map and players will be able to either get a job as a veterinary doctor or just take their pets there for a checkup.

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Price

As everyone already knows, EA’s expansions are always pricey, and this seems to be the case with Cats & Dogs as well. The expansion is priced at $39.99 on Origin and new players can also grab the $49.99 bundle which contains the base game.

Console Edition

Considering that the expansion is already available for PC fans, the question that remains is when will it arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Luckily, EA is not keeping this a secret and it announced that the game is scheduled to arrive on consoles during November 17th. Also, worth mentioning is that the console edition of the expansion will cost $49.99.


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