Roku Streaming Stick Plus: What Makes this Device Special?

Roku Streaming Stick Plus: What Makes this Device Special?

Even though huge tech companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon are trying take the video streaming industry by storm, they can’t compete against Roku Streaming Stick Plus. This device offers 4K and HDR video streaming from sources such as Netflix, HBO, Vudu and Amazon among others. Roku also ships with a bunch of cool features which gives it an edge over its competitors. With that said, let’s check out what makes Roku Streaming Stick Plus so special.

Advanced Wireless Receiver

The first thing we need to mention about Roku is that it ships with an advanced wireless receiver. This plugin device will prove to be quite useful for people who live in a low Wi-Fi coverage area. More than that, the receiver enhances Roku’s response speed to lightning-fast levels.

Clever Design

One of the greatest things about Roku is that it features a clever design. This gadget has been specially assembled so that it can be hidden behind a TV set. Therefore, Roku doesn’t take up any unnecessary space and it works great in any living room.

Simple User Interface

The developers behind the device’s user interface need to be praised for choosing to go with a simple design. Roku’s user interface makes it easy for people to discover new content and to get access to anything they want with the simple tap of a button. More than that, Roku’s home page is completely customizable, and it allows users to replace or move app tiles however they want.

High-Quality Streaming

Since Roku’s main purpose is to provide users with high-quality video streaming services, no one should be surprised to find out that it comes equipped with Dolby Vision HDR which delivers content in HDR10 format. Additionally, Roku also integrates 4K resolution with HDR which result in an incomparable media viewing experience.

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