Quit Calorie Counting For Good, What Dietitians Recommend

Quit Calorie Counting For Good, What Dietitians Recommend

Did you know that counting calories might not even help you eat healthier? There are many other ways to stay on track and enjoy some great meals, without the fear of losing or gaining something.

But, if you do count your calories, you shouldn’t feel bad. It’s not wrong, but there are some downsides you probably don’t know about that can cause a lot of body mistrust.

Curious to find out how to quit calorie counting and focus more on other things?

Start by following these tips.

Cook More From Cookbooks Without Calorie Counts

First, you should know that calories are put out there to know the amount of energy you consume at a meal. Most recipes that come with calorie counts are not always meant to support counting.

So, try to cook more from cookbooks that don’t have calorie counts for recipes. This is a great start if you’re trying to stop calorie counting.

Also, moving away from that habit can help you focus more on food and appreciate the tasty flavors of a recipe!

Focus More on Whole Foods

Another helpful tip is to choose whole foods. If a food doesn’t have a label, then you can’t actually read its calories. Smart!

Also, whole foods are filled with super nutrients that your body really needs all the time!

Try choosing whole potatoes, for example, instead of a box mix of potatoes. That way, you’ll support the environment, too, because there’s less packaging waste.

Forget About Calorie Counting Apps and Blogs

Probably, the easiest thing to do is to delete any calorie counting apps from your devices and unfollow social media pages that support the habit.

You should know that there are no such calorie calculators that can reflect what you’re really eating.

“It’s also important to note that every apple will be different and every pound of meat will be different, making actual accurate calorie counting impossible,” explains Abbey Sharp, founder of Abbey’s Kitchen.

So, next time when you’ll feel about counting something, you better count your blessings.

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