Project Scorpio Price Revealed – What Do We Know So Far?

Project Scorpio Price Revealed  – What Do We Know So Far?

Everybody was truly excited about the amazing specs Microsoft announced for the Project Scorpio console, but even so, one question still remained: how much will it cost? If you want to know the official answer to this question, then you most likely have to wait until June, for the E3 event. However, a retailer in Spain has already leaked the price of the system way before the schedule.

How Do You Know?

A user on Twitter, going under the name DesiXBL, noticed that the Spanish website named XtraLife listed the upcoming console under the price of €399.99. If this is true, the console would cost $399.99. Even so, often times the online retailers use some placeholder prices for the products that are not yet released, so we can’t bet for sure that this is the final price.

What If…?

However, what if the console did indeed cost as much? Truth be told, a $399.99 price is a shocker in the industry. Up until now, most analysts predicted that the console will be at least $500, thanks to the power it embeds and the fact that it would let you stream your gameplay in 4K resolution. As such, if Microsoft would indeed start the project at the low price of $399.99, this would be a clear advantage over all the other competitors.

Recently, PS4 has been winning over the Xbox One when it comes to monthly sales. But if the rumors turn out to be true, things might be changing soon. Such a low price for such an awesome configuration would definitely boost the Project Scorpio to the top of the sales list. If the company will also take into account fans’ wishes for more exclusive games on the Xbox line, then we can surely say that it’s going to be one of the most successful products Microsoft ever released.

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