No Worthy Competition for Pokemon GO this Summer

No Worthy Competition for Pokemon GO this Summer

As weather is starting to warm up, many people start reminding themselves about the summer last year. When it comes to technology and mobile gaming, we can definitely say that last summer was dominated by the then-released Pokemon GO. The first two weeks had been unbelievable, with hundreds of thousands of players logging on their servers. It was a global hit like none has been until then, and may never be.

But What About this Summer?

After the high peak last year, the game started its decline. For various reasons (such as lack of innovation, lack of fidelity tactics etc.), people slowly started to quit on the game. Regarding the 2017 summer, it’s clear that it won’t come back to the tremendous success it had. However, there is still hope for it to become popular again.

Why Is It Still Ranking?

Truth is that the game still enjoys its popularity to a certain amount. If you compare it to the peak, it is indeed in decline, but compared to other games, there are still lots of players out there. One major reason for which Pokemon GO might still enjoy some users this summer is the fact that there were no successful rivals or copies of the game.

In general, after a game reaches huge success, there are plenty others that appear based on the same principles. However, this was not the case here, so if you want to play a game like that, this is the only decent option you have. Moreover, since weather is heating up, why not play something that gets you out of the house? Plus, you may even make some new friends with the game.

It remains to be seen whether Pokemon GO will come back again to its full success or even at a lower level.

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