New York And New Jersey Fall Into Chaos – Mass Power Outage

New York And New Jersey Fall Into Chaos – Mass Power Outage

It has been revealed the fact that New York and New Jersey fell into chaos after a massive power outage. Check out the latest reports about this below.

New York and New Jersey report massive issues

The power outage caused by a fault at a Con Edison plant in Brooklyn forced the New York City Fire Department to rescue people from elevators across the city.

Commuters were also trapped in the subway for up to 20 minutes.

The incident occurred at 11.55 pm on Thursday night, causing black smoke to emanate from the power facility and a momentary power outage, with lights flickering for a few seconds.

The power outage caused chaos in the city, with multiple reports of people being trapped in elevators and stuck on the subway. Some motorists also reported blinking traffic lights.

There is alarming footage of a security guard at a Wegmans store in Brooklyn being rescued from an elevator by firefighters.

At Grand Central station, all elevators and escalators were out of service due to the power issue.

Con Edison reported an issue with a power line at its John Street facility in Dumbo, which caused lights to flicker in various neighborhoods, including Lower Manhattan, the Upper East Side, Bed-Stuy, Downtown Brooklyn, and Long Island City.

However, Con Edison has restored most of the electricity. The New York City Fire Department promptly responded to the scene, and sirens were observed flashing from the Con Edison plant after the malfunction.

Additionally, officers from the New York City Police Department were seen outside the facility’s gates.

Con Edison told its crews are investigating the power failure.

‘A fault on a high-tension transmission line occurred at a Con Edison substation in Brooklyn at approximately 11:55 pm last night,’ a spokesman said.

‘Customers may have experienced a dip or surge in power at that time. Crews are investigating and working to make necessary repairs.’

Residents across New York City complained about the brief power cut, with most left confused about the outage.

Multiple people claimed to hear an ‘explosion’ from the power plant, while others felt a rumble.

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