New X Policy Prohibits Openly Displaying, Promoting Adult Content

New X Policy Prohibits Openly Displaying, Promoting Adult Content

It has been just reported the fact that a new X policy is prohibiting openly displaying and promoting adult content. Check out the following reports.

New X policy reveals massive changes

It has been reported the fact that X has announced significant changes to its advertising policy, specifically addressing adult content and sensitive media.

The new policy applies to both monetization on X and the platform’s paid advertising products.

Under the updated guidelines, X now prohibits the promotion of adult sexual content globally.

“This includes a range of content such as pornography, full and partial nudity, penis enlargement and breast enhancement services, sexualized clothing, sex toys, and dating/matching services focused on facilitating monetized sexual encounters or infidelity,” according to the latest reports.

Additionally, X’s sensitive media policy aims to balance users’ freedom to share sensitive content with the ability for others to avoid it. Users are allowed to post content falling under categories like Graphic Content, Adult Nudity, and Sexual Behavior, but with a content warning. However, such media cannot be shared in live videos, profile pictures or headers, list banners, or community cover photos.

The policy states:

“You may post content that falls under our definitions of Graphic Content, Adult Nudity, and Sexual Behavior with a content warning, but you may not share this media in a live video, or in your profile picture or header, List banner, or Community cover photo.””

The notes also said:

“If you share this content on X, you need to mark your media or your account as sensitive. Doing so places images and videos behind a content warning that needs to be acknowledged before your media can be viewed.”

According to the same notes:

“You can share Graphic Content, Adult Nudity, and Sexual Behavior within your posts, provided that you mark this media with a content warning.”

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