New Study Reveals the Benefits of Long-Term Curry Consumption

New Study Reveals the Benefits of Long-Term Curry Consumption

If you are a fan of curry, you are going to love this article. A new study has been published, confirming that curcumin, the chemical that gives curry its intense yellow color, has important health benefits, in the context of long-term consumption. Therefore it has been proven that curcumin can contribute to the improvement of memory and disposition of people suffering from moderate memory loss cause by aging.

Until recently, there were no proven health benefits of this unstable-natured chemical known as curcumin. Even though it has been frequently used in Ayurvedic practices, there were no scientifically recognized medical effects associated with it until this study was made public. On the contrary, it was a substance difficult to analyze, which was found to have caused the death of a person after a naturopathic injection.

However, a group of researchers thought of giving curcumin a second chance and studied the effects of administering fixed curcumin doses on a small group of 40 people, aged 50 to 90. All the participants in the test had moderate memory problems, but none of them were diagnosed with dementia. The test implied dividing the subjects in two groups, one of which was administered 90 milligrams of curcumin two times a day, while the other received the same dose of a placebo.

At the end of the testing period, the results were rather interesting. It was proven that the group of people who had taken the two daily doses of curcumin had a noticeably better memory and mood than the people in the group who was administered a placebo. Furthermore, the attention span of the first group had also improved and the number amyloid and tau proteins in the amygdala and hypothalamus (closely related to the existence of the Alzheimer’s disease) was considerably reduced. Even though researchers cannot pinpoint the exact processes through which curcumin contributes to these improvements, they are believed to be related to the substance’s inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Considering the success of the tests, researchers are planning to continue their studies of curcumin at a larger scale, also approaching the possibility of using the substance in case of depression, due to its newly discovered potential of improving moods.

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