Maradol Papayas Infected People From The U.S With Salmonella

Maradol Papayas Infected People From The U.S With Salmonella

Following reports of people getting ill after eating Maradol papayas, the CDC warned against consuming this type of fruit. The papayas were sold by brands such as Caribena, Cavi or Valery and the got to infect 141 people with Salmonella Kiambu or Thompson. Out of this group of infected people, 45 of them have been hospitalized, causing one death.

Other brands which sell papayas are verified by the FDA. Meanwhile, the authorities have received help from a papaya importer and let the public know how to figure which papaya is Maradol and which are Formosa, Tainung or the Brazilian Golden type.

Foodborne viruses are common and target a lot of people worldwide, killing about 2 million every year. But such an outbreak which spreads over more states causes 56% of the deaths.

There are also people who don’t require hospitalization, and for each case that has been identified with a virus, there are 30 more people who are in danger and haven’t been confirmed as carriers.

Salmonella Contaminates Many Types of Foods

Not only poultry is at fault for salmonella, but also eggs, pork, beef, vine, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and even processed food such as peanut butter.

Salmonella has a lot of symptoms (abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and fever) which can last and go away after 4 or 7 days. It has made victims because the young, elderly or people with low immune system are more at risk.

How to Prevent Getting Salmonella

Never eat raw eggs or milk, cook the meat very well and take care of the people who are more at risk to getting infected, such as those mentioned above.

If you wash the outside of fruits, it reduces the chances of infection, but there’s still a possibility to get infected.

Everything from the kitchen such as surfaces and utensils should be cleaned very well after getting in contact with meat and poultry.

People, who come in contact with chicken, reptiles, must wash their hands after.

The outbreak has an impact on the economy and people should know what to purchase and what to avoid. Papayas are healthy fruits, just read the labels and see their origin.

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