Kelly Mcgillis’s Age in Top Gun – Do You Know How Old Was the Actor?

Kelly Mcgillis’s Age in Top Gun – Do You Know How Old Was the Actor?

We’re still huge fans of Kelly McGillis’ performance as Charlie Blackwood, even though it has been more than three decades after the debut of Top Gun. It’s interesting to note that McGillis at first hesitated to accept the part of Maverick in Top Gun owing to the commercial aspect of the film. Despite this, she made the final decision to take part while bringing her special skills to the table when playing the character. McGillis rose to prominence as a coveted actress in Hollywood thanks to the on-screen chemistry she shared with Tom Cruise and her breathtaking performance. If you spent your childhood watching the 1986 action picture Top Gun, you might be intrigued to know how old Kelly McGillis was when she played the role she is most known for.

What Age Was Kelly McGillis When She Starred in Top Gun?

The birth date of actress Kelly McGillis is July 9, 1957. She was actually 28 years old when they shot the movie Top Gun, which came out the following year, in 1986. McGillis was able to add both maturity and tenderness to her portrayal despite the fact that she has a young look and that she effectively represented a persona who is a bit older than the main character.

Difference in Age with Tom Cruise

The considerable age gap that existed between Kelly McGillis and her co-star Tom Cruise was one of the obstacles that she had to overcome during the making of Top Gun. While Cruise was just 23 years old, McGillis was already 28 years old.

What are your opinions on the significant age difference that separates these two actors? Your experience as a viewer, was it impacted in any way?

Due to the age difference between them, McGillis had to play an more older and experienced woman than she actually is in order to develop the necessary love spark between their characters. And since artistic creation requires self-sacrifice, McGillis had to demonstrate that she is capable of anything in the blink of an eye.

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