Hungary’s PM Is Addressing Brussels Suffocating European Farmers [Video]

Hungary’s PM Is Addressing Brussels Suffocating European Farmers [Video]

It has been revealed the fact that the PM of Hungary, Viktor Orban is talking about the ways in which Brussels is suffocating the European farmers. Check out what he shared on his social media account on X.

Hungary’s PM addresses the European farmers

“Brussels is suffocating European farmers. They introduce new burdens and at the same time open up the European market to cheap and uncontrolled agricultural products from #Ukraine. This has to stop! We need a change in Brussels!,” he said.

Someone commented: “Europe’s LAST leader that put EUROPE before UKRAINE and the globalist agenda. Much respect,
you are very much needed in these difficult times, keep raising your voice and stand up for the truth.”

Another follower said: “Very good statement, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls for a change in EU leadership.

According to Viktor Orban, the organization should fire the current leadership because it protects the interests of Ukraine, and not the interests of European farmers who suffer losses due to “Ukrainian dumping.” / FRWL reports.”

European farmers are angry, and they cannot take any more tyranny.

A few days ago, I was reporting that thousands of farmers have surrounded the EU building in Brussels in order to protest the climate agenda. The whole Europe is on fire these days, protesting.

Farmers surrounded the EU building

Check out the following relevant tweet below:

The whole Europe is filled with protests these days:

Stay tuned for more news about what’s happening to farmers all over the world.

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