Huge Tornado in the region of Muskoka, Ontario

Huge Tornado in the region of Muskoka, Ontario

In the region of Ontario and the neighboring states, tornadoes aren’t unusual events. But last Friday the tornado, which hit the region of Muskoka, Ontario, was more than meteorologists and citizens expected.

First of all, experts say that it is too soon to know all the details regarding the damages the storm has caused so far but some of them are visible to the naked eye. Among them we can mention the trees that blocked the path to certain streets and areas; cottages, houses and many other structures which appear to be devastated by the storm from Friday, so on and so forth. Another problem that raised annoyance and frustration among citizens was the fact that, due to the large quantity of rain that fell a few days ago, and also because of the thunderstorm, the powerlines were knocked off as well. Almost 13.000 customers of Hydro One, the electricity distributor, were left without power and approximately 3.000 of them had problems regarding this issue the next day as well.

Dana Gardner, the Hydro One spokesperson, stated just a few days ago that over 14.000 people remained without power due to the 80 millimeters of rain, all these during the storm.  On Friday night Dana Gardner said that the Hydro One crews are doing their best to try to solve the problems and restore the power but it is likely for some of them to remain without power on Saturday as well. In fact, this thing really happened; it ended, of course, with people getting even more concerned and making complaints regarding the issue.


In spite of the fact that the “emergency code” is still on, the only good news is that no one got hurt during the storm. Unfortunately, people remained without certain possessions and their houses, cars and roads need restoration, but at least there weren’t reported any injuries.

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