DOT Exam Preparation: Exam, Price, and Other Requirements

DOT Exam Preparation: Exam, Price, and Other Requirements

Being a truck, huge tanker, bus, or lengthy limousine driver is a physically demanding job. And if you do such a job, you understand how vital a DOT exam might be! As a result, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a branch of the US Department of Transportation (DOT), establishes DOT physical evaluation. A physical examination may only be done by a qualified medical examiner.


We’ve compiled a guide on everything you need to know about the DOT exam, including the exam requirements, FAQs, and, of course, price.


The DOT test consists of the following:


  • A vision examination (truck drivers must have 20/40 vision in both eyes)
  • A blood pressure test; to be a truck driver for a 2-year certification, blood pressure must be at or below 140/90 with or without medication
  • A movement and reflex examination
  • A hearing test in which you are asked to hear a forced whisper from up to five feet away
  • A neurological assessment (reflexes and coordination).
  • Evaluation of lung function


Is a urine test required?

You will also be asked to provide a urine sample for a urinalysis during the DOT physical exam. Urine tests can reveal more conditions that could be ‘hidden’ such as diabetes or renal disease. And as a matter of fact, the sample will not be utilized for drug testing (that is a separate test that only a few companies will request).


How much does a DOT exam cost?

A DOT exam typically costs between $100 and $155, so you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg.


Can you take the DOT vision exam while using contact lenses?

You may wear corrective glasses during the DOT exam, which is great news. This allows your doctor to better determine whether you need to replace your contacts or glasses to enhance your eyesight.


How frequently do you need a DOT evaluation?

The majority of DOT medical cards are valid for two years, so you don’t have to worry. Note that if you have certain medical issues, such as high blood pressure, you may need to have a DOT physical exam more frequently, as your specialist recommends. 


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