CNN Officially Closes Its World News Headquarters in Atlanta After More Than 35 Years

CNN Officially Closes Its World News Headquarters in Atlanta After More Than 35 Years

It has been just revealed that CNN is closing its world news headquarters in Atlanta. Check out the latest reports about this below.

CNN closes world news headquarters in Atlanta

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan made a surprising announcement on Friday, stating that CNN would be closing its CNN Center headquarters in Atlanta. The decision was made due to decreasing viewership and increasing financial pressures.

Bolduan said, “Before we conclude today’s show, we want to mark an important moment in CNN’s history. Today’s broadcast will be the final one from CNN Center in Atlanta.”

Although the broadcaster had already moved its weekday anchors to New York or Washington, D.C., the CNN Center in Atlanta still housed significant operations, including digital and CNN International.

“We anchor the show out of New York, but the control rooms of this show and much of our editorial staff has always been in Atlanta at that iconic building at the CNN Center, also known as CNN’s World News Headquarters,” said Bolduan.

“Starting Monday, our team there will move to a new home just a couple of miles away. But it’s actually the new home is actually the place where CNN founder Ted Turner started the network back in 1980.”

Over the past few years, the mainstream media landscape has undergone a significant transformation. The news outlets have become more polarized and less dedicated to objective journalism.

CNN, which was once known for unbiased reporting, has gradually turned into a platform for spreading left-leaning opinions and propaganda.

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