Check Out These Great Supplements For Weight Loss – Dietitians’ Recommendations

Check Out These Great Supplements For Weight Loss – Dietitians’ Recommendations

Trying to lose weight is a whole process of eating this, not that, eating only healthy foods, and working out clever. As complicated as it might be, losing weight could actually be not that bad if you have the right “tools.”

A great booster to help you with your weight loss challenge are supplements. From probiotics, turmeric, green tea to fish oil, there are many options out there that might efficiently help you. 

Remember that it is essential to discuss first with a specialist what supplements are best for you!

Here are 4 supplements backed by dietitians.


Everyone loves a cup of coffee, right? Especially if it can help you with your favourite pair of skinny jeans.

As per researchers’ findings, caffeine might efficiently help you halt weight gain progression over time. It’s also a fantastic stimulant that can burn calories, increase fat breakdown, and make you more alert. How cool is that?


Beta-glucan not only keep you full longer, but it can also improve blood sugar control, blood pressure, and lipids. 

“Beta-glucan is a soluble fiber readily available from oat and barley grains,” explains Mary Wirtz, MS, RDM, CSSD.

Fish Oil

Studies indicate that people who choose more omega-3 fatty acid (FA) into their diet or take fish oil supplements are less likely to snack later, staying full for longer.

Fish oil also supports overall health by efficiently decreasing LDL cholesterol and triglycerides (bad) and boosting HDL cholesterol (good).


Turmeric, aka the golden superfood, is another excellent supplement option. You can choose powder forms or capsules, and sometimes it goes by the name curcumin.

“[…] can make an excellent addition to an existing weight loss regimen; […] due to turmeric’s anti-inflammatory capabilities,” says Trista K. Best, MPH, RD, LDN.

As previously mentioned, you have to discuss first with a specialist any supplement that you want to incorporate into your diet.

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