Bill Gates Speaks At The WEF About Net Zero

Bill Gates Speaks At The WEF About Net Zero

Bill Gates spoke at the WEF about Net Zero, and you might want to check out what he had to say. Check out the video below.

Bill Gates addresses Net Zero

Check out the following tweet:

It is important to note the fact that many scientists disagree with the CO2 scam. They point out that the planet is greener now than it has been for centuries and that it is due to the elevation in atmospheric CO2.

They also demonstrate that CO2 elevations have not historically correlated with climate change.

They point out that atmospheric CO2 has been much higher in the Earth’s history and that it did not kill everything. They point out that wind and sun are not reliable sources of electric energy. They point out that nuclear energy is not well accepted in the West.

They point out that fossil fuels are what kept humanity alive and advancing.

The CO2 warnings and fearmongering are a political scam, just as the Covid pandemic was a political scam to take complete government control over the population.

Someone commented: “Gates and his WEF buddies want a return to feudalism. But what they don’t realize is that without a vibrant middle class their source of wealth is limited.”

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