Choosing the Right Toys to Keep Your Cat Active and Stimulated

Choosing the Right Toys to Keep Your Cat Active and Stimulated

As much as we love our kittens, we just have to admit that they can be very annoying creatures sometimes. That’s a clear indication that our cat wants something badly, as these animals behave likewise when they lack something important, such as food, attention, etc.

Cats love to play, as they are animals known for their playful and curious nature. Cats also need to keep their mental and physical sides stimulated, which is why it’s important to give them the right toys.

In other words, your feline friend will be much happier and healthier if you regularly get it stimulated using toys, not to mention that it’s important even for cats not to experience boredom.

Here are the main aspects you need to take into account before choosing the right toys for your cat:

Safety above all else

Safety first should be the main slogan here, as you need to choose toys that don’t contain small and easily ingestible parts that could pose a choking hazard. Otherwise, you might be forced to pay your vet a visit sooner than expected and eventually, in the middle of the night, when you probably won’t even find him. In order to prevent accidents, it’s best to supervise your cat during its playtime, especially when it comes to interactive toys.

Understand the instinct of your cat

Although cats are probably the cutest creatures in the Multiverse, we need to not forget that these animals are hunters by nature. This results in their play often mimicking activities related to chasing, stalking, and pouncing. Therefore, it’s important to get your cat toys that tap into such instincts and keep your feline friend physically active.

Interactive toys

If you wish to engage both your cat’s body and mind, you can consider buying interactive toys. Such toys are able to stimulate the hunting instincts of these animals and encourage physical activity. Here are a few examples:

Laser pointers

A simple laser pointer that inflicts an elusive red dot anywhere you want it can provide endless entertainment for your cat, not to mention that you will also have some good laughs while your cat is struggling to catch the laser. Furthermore, your beloved feline companion will also get a lot of physical exercise as it chases that pesky little red dot.

Feather wands

As we said, cats are playful by nature, which means that they love to chase and pounce on moving objects. Feather wands can easily mimic the unpredictable movements of prey, providing a thrilling and interactive experience for your cat.

Puzzle feeders and treat dispensers

You can even combine mealtime with playtime by using treat dispensers or puzzle feeders. Such toys have what it takes to stimulate the problem-solving skills of your cat, and they can also reward those animals with tasty treats.

Solo play options

Interactive play is crucial for a cat, indeed, but you could also consider solo play options so that your feline friend can enjoy it independently. In other words, you can consider balls and rolling toys, catnip mice or plush toys, or even cardboard boxes.

Before choosing the right toys for your cat, it’s important to be aware of the animal’s instinct, regularly rotate the playthings of the engaging options, and even look for new toys from time to time.

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