Animal Paws, the new features present in the latest Google build

Animal Paws, the new features present in the latest Google build

The new update for the Google Phone has just recently been released on Google’s Play Store and it would seem to contain some hints as to soon-to-be-released features for the Android O. Besides this, there have also been some strange assets in the form of paws found by Android Police.

The Notification Channels have seen improvements in this 9.0 build. These updates would suggest work is being done on upgrading the existing product, while also preparing the way for future features that will be released in new iterations of the operating system. Information extracted from the code that is present in the current build references the API (or application programming interface), however, there is no clear use or functionality in its current build.

What is known is that there will be six types of Notification Channels in future releases, more specifically we will see Ongoing, Incoming, Missed calls, External, Miscellaneous and Voicemail notifications. This build also shows signs that Google will move into updating the communication tools by adding status messages. These status messages will inform the user the time when they have received an image, or when they have sent one.

To the surprise of the users, the latest build also has a pair of WEBP images which show two paws, belonging to a dog and a cat. They do not seem to have any use and do not do anything when accessed. However, it could be that they are part of a soon to be released image application or a sort of teaser for an animation that is currently being worked on. Nevertheless, we will most likely see more updates and information revealed soon, especially since Google I/O 2017 will be starting later in the month of May.

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